b) Email basics

How to Use Email

In this series of lessons we will find out how you can access your email and do some basic functions. For more detailed information or if you have more questions you can access the HELP menu located on the top right corner of the screen OR contact the Townlife Support by going to the following website: http://support.townlife.com/.


How do I read new email?

When you log into your webmail account you will automatically enter your Mail INBOX. 

  • By default, webmail checks for new email automatically.
  • New emails appear in bold and you will see a closed envelope.
  • The content of the email can be seen in the preview panel, or you can double-click on the email to open it in a new window.



How do I compose a new email?

  1. To open a blank email, click the COMPOSE EMAIL button above the Inbox pane or in the pulldown menu in the Email tab.
  2. Enter the recipient(s) email address(es) in the To, Bcc or Cc boxes, separating multiple email addresses with a comma or semicolon. (ie. me@townlife.com; you@townlife.com)

    Note: If you have set up your CONTACT list you can select the recipients by clicking on the To. (See section - Your address book)
  3. Enter a description of the email in the Subject box. 
  4. Enter the text of your email in the message body.
  5. Add attachments and check for spelling errors before sending the email. If everything is fine click on the Send link. The window will disappear and you will be returned to your inbox. 


Other features

  • Replying or forwarding email is simply done by choosing those options in the PREVIEW PANE and following the same steps as mentioned above.


How do I delete an email?

  1. In the INBOX PANE select the email(s) that you want to delete by clicking on the small check box to the right of the email. Once selected a checkmark will appear.
  2. Either hit the DELETE button on your keyboard or click on the Delete button in the INBOX PANE.
    • By default, deleted emails go directly to the TRASH folder.
    • You can empty the TRASH folder by clicking on the garbage can. This is permanently delete the emails.