b) Blogs

Blog Module

Why would you use a blog versus just posting information on a webpage? A Blog first of all is an area where you want to post regular information updates (i.e. council meetings, events, etc). It provides a venue where your users can consistently go to, to find current information. It also allows for an invitiation for your visitors to comment on what you have published and is automatically dated.

A webpage on the other hand is a one-way piece of communication, whereas in a Blog you post your ideas, opinions or information and the audience has the opportunity to leave comments. Using webpages to highlight events is time consuming because you not only have to add the content but once it is expired you have to edit the webpage again to delete the information. A blog is automatically dated so there is no need to have to delete the information.

Rest-assured as the owner of the website EVERY comment must be approved by your before it shows up on your website.  This moderation allows all TownLife customers confidence that your website will only show information after your approval.

How do I create a blog?

  1. Click on CREATE in the Administration menu.
  2. Select the BLOG POST option.
  3. Fill out the POST ENTRY information (i.e. Title, Body Message)
  4. Click SAVE.

Your entry will appear under the blog in the navigation menu. There is an automatic Post a Comment section that is available for users to send you their comments. But as mentioned above this does not mean that their comment is automatically put on your website -- you still have control of whether or not it will be posted. This information would appear in the SUMMARY page. 


How do I manage my blog?

The most important rule of thumb for any blog is that it needs to be updated regularly. Overtime you will build up a long list of blog entries that you may want to organize into different categories. For example let's say that you blog weekly about new books, library tea and story time activities. Just as folders on your computer you can create CATEGORIES in the blog that will allow you to organize the different entries.

To make Categories in the blog:

  1. When you are in the BLOG POST you will see a box Category.
  2. Enter a desired Category into the box (i.e. New books, Storytime)
  3. Click Save.



What are some blog ideas?

  • Seasonal Ideas or Themes
  • Discuss important dates and how they relate to your organization
  • Website change announcements
  • Anything that you would like to state an opinion and invite [moderated] comments about